Roti Makers and Electric Stoves Simplifies Kitchen Work

Modern day cooking is about creating great taste in less time. That is the reason several electric operated kitchen equipment are becoming popular by the day. Mixer, grinder, juicer, roti maker, blender, toaster, chopper and electric stoves are some of the equipment that people cannot do without while cooking. The primary reason for depending on these equipment is because they save time and effort. Years back women were considered to be home makers and cooks. But today they also have a full-fledged career and like men, they are juggling with time to fit various activities smoothly in their schedule. All these equipment simplify cooking and its preparation and reduce labor.

One of the top buys among all the available electrically driven kitchen equipment is the roti maker. Gone are the days when ladies would knead flour dough, roll them out on a wooden base with a rolling pin, worry about creating the perfect round shape and then toast it on the fire stove. Fast life is reducing the enthusiasm to go through this ordeal to make a roti. That is the reason a roti maker is present in almost every second kitchen. All you have to do is make the dough and place small portions of it in the machine. The rest will be taken care of. The best part of this equipment is that you do not have to stand in front of the fire to make a roti. You can sit with your family at the dining table and make one roti after another while serving them. Use various types of flour to make varieties of roti.

With a roti maker in place, save the time that you spent in your kitchen making roti and spend it on something else. Now there is no need to dread the gas stove in the summer months while cooking. Forget the flame and switch to an electric stove. Since it is electricity operated, you can regulate the temperature better than a gas burner. It is also easy to clean an electric stove and there are lesser spaces for dirt and oil to get deposited. As opposed to a gas stove that creates heat with a flame, these stoves create heat with electricity and hence the heating is more consistent. Also, the temperature can be easily controlled with electric heating. You have nothing to worry about gas leakage or gas refilling. So get electric stoves installed in your kitchen and enjoy hassle free cooking.

All electric gadgets are easy and simple to operate and convenient to use. There is nothing to worry about naked flames or stray burns. All you need is a plug point where you can connect the equipment and start operating them. With every passing day as we are getting busier, things like electric choppers, roti makers, electric stoves and mixer grinders are becoming a necessity. Without these we would be handicapped. So it is best to use these gadgets intelligently and carefully.

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Buyer’s Guide to Granite Benchtops

Available in a variety of colors, from browns to grays, pinks and purples, granite has to be the most beautiful options when it comes to kitchen benchtops. Its grainy, mottled texture makes it both warm and welcoming. Being heat, scratch, stain and impact resistant, it is economical and stylish. And these are the reasons which allow some fabricators to trick their customers. You can be sold low quality granite benchtops without your ever finding out.

To save you from trouble here’s a short guide on how not to be fooled when purchasing granite benchtops:

1. Tiles or Slabs

Your first decision should be whether you are interested in buying granite tiles or slabs. A granite slab is solid granite. It is carved from a large block of granite and has same pattern and color throughout the slab. It is slightly expensive compared to tiles but requires less care. Granite tiles, on the other hand, are crafted from multiple left-out pieces. They are less expensive but require more cleaning especially the grout between the tiles.

2. Granite Direction

Once you know the difference between tiles and slabs, there’s another important thing that you should be careful about when purchasing slabs. Granite benchtops have unique patterns. There are some which have a wavy or flowing pattern. When buying these make sure all the benchtops flow in the same direction. Not only does it save your kitchen from an ugly look but also prevents you from being tricked. Some fabricators use left out pieces from a previous job. It saves them money but gives you an eyesore. So beware and insist on same pattern.

3. Polish

Polish gives a finishing touch to any surface. It instantly enhances the appearance of the object. Granite benchtops require polish as well. It gives them a mirror-like quality. However, some fabricators polish the surface and leave out the edges. The edges are covered by wax which will come out within six months. To gauge the quality of polish of the benchtop that you select, run your hand over it. It should be smooth to the touch and should not have any stains or prints. Run your hand on the edges. Do you feel anything rough? If so, it may be an indication of low quality craftsmanship.

4. Sealing

Sealing offers protection from stains, spills and scratches. If you spill anything on the surface, your granite benchtops will still look their best. Simply wipe off using a moist sponge. A good sealant provides sealing that lasts almost a decade. Lighter granite may require sealing a little early. So do make a note of this when selecting granite benchtops.

Do conduct a market survey before finalizing a fabricator. Request quotes from different companies and make a comparison, not only on price but also on the services and warranties that they offer. Granite being a natural stone doesn’t chip easily. Insist on inspecting the stone physically before spending any money. It will help you identify potential faults before installation when you can’t do anything about it.

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Ascending Into Your Cooker Despair

Is your cooker over 4 years old? Is it looking a bit knackered and worn out? Then I think it is about time you get a new cooker. There are always ways to revamp your current cooker by using repairs and servicing; however with the price of cooker repairs these days, it is often better and cheaper in the long run to buy a new cooker that you can make an effort to maintain this time around.

If you have had a chance to look already, you will notice that there are a lot of different types, makes and models of cookers. The make and model usually just determines the brand and should include a full list of features if you are purchasing it from are reputable company, however there are some main guidelines that can help you decide which cooker is best for you.

The first cooker I am going to explain to you is a freestanding cooker. This simply means the cooker stands free as one unit. A freestanding cooker is a cooker that has the hob and oven joined to make one appliance. This is the most common type of cooker and it can either have a grill on top of the oven but below the hob (which these days they design so it can act as either a grill or oven) or you can have the grill above the hob which usually has a handle bar to pull out the grill tray, these are slowly dying out as they are an old design and aren’t the best aesthetically pleasing choice. Freestanding cookers should be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer for safety purposes of all those within the property as well as the fact that it is illegal for anyone who is not a Gas Safe registered engineer to install any gas appliance. Freestanding cookers should be connected via a flexible gas hose which connects the gas supply to the cooker securely if fitted properly.

Gas Cookers that fall under the ‘freestanding cooker’ category are range cookers, dual fuel cookers and normal freestanding cookers as these are all one unit and one appliance.

Range cookers are similar to normal freestanding cookers however they are simply bigger. A range cooker usually has more than four hobs on the cooker and has multiple ovens. These are ideal for large kitchens, large families and in households where there may be a lot of people attempting to cook at once. If you like to entertain guests and you want the space to cook various things at the same time, then a range cooker is for you.

A dual fuel freestanding cooker is also similar in looks to the normal freestanding cooker however it uses two sources of energy to operate. A dual fuel cooker usually has an electric oven and a gas hob. This is simply because electric ovens provide more even heating around the food because of the flow of electrical currents, and gas hobs provide more immediate heating and easier temperature controls as electric hobs need time to cool down or heat up to the desired temperature. Alternatively, you can also get dual fuel range cookers which are large dual fuel cookers with more or bigger ovens and 5 or more hobs.

Built in gas cooking appliances are appliances that need to be connected via solid copper piping that are soldered by the gas safe registered engineer. These usually include an oven or a gas hob that are fitted into the desired kitchen space to look more aesthetically pleasing.

A gas oven that is installed is only the oven alone and this allows it to be installed in ways you cannot a cooker. Some people opt to have the hob and oven in separate places, making the oven eye level or otherwise in order to fit into the kitchen more subtly. Also the gas hob, which is just the burners, can fit and be supported by a work top; fitting into the look of your kitchen better and not sticking out as much.

There are quite a few different gas appliances you can purchase for yourself. The pros of a freestanding cooker is that it counts as one appliance so it is usually cheaper to install and if you want a gas certificate or service in the future it would also count as one appliance which makes it cost-effective however, it can stick out and it is not as aesthetically pleasing as gas hob and oven installation which can blend into the work tops and cupboards. The pros of a built in gas oven and hob is that they generally tend to look better when they are part of a kitchen, however, they are two separate appliances so you may have to pay for two installations and if you are a landlord and you need a gas certificate which is your legal requirement, you would have to pay twice each year which may not be cost-effective for you.

So hopefully now you have a general idea of the different types of cookers that are out there and are available for you to purchase. Make sure you know all that is required for your cooker installation and ensure you have a gas safe registered engineer who can install your appliances safely, legally and correctly.

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